Monday, May 1, 2017

Decisions Determine Destiny

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You have been blessed with the responsibility of choice. 
At any given moment, you are once choice away from a totally different life.

So, what will you choose today?

Our choices undoubtedly take root from our foundation of belief. Your truth-your personal testimony, requires a firm foundation. Doubt, disappointment and defeat will threaten your success. Choose to make the right choices today. 

You can be certain that adverse circumstances and obstacles will threaten to disarm your personal power. When those moments inevitably arise, you might still experience set-backs or life-altering situations; yet, it will be your faith and belief that helps you to withstand the chaos or to even thrive from whatever damage is sustained.

What life consequences have occurred based on your most recent decisions? 
This all comes down to personal development.

When I think of personal development, I immediately become focused on my scriptures. My relationship with God is not only central to the high-standards I hold myself to but is also a source of strength through the testimony-building moments in my life. Regardless of the joy or sorrow I feel, I need to recognize that these moments are opportunities to re-evaluate my choices and to strengthen my testimony.

If you are not sure where to start, my suggestion is to pray. 
Prayer can be a phenomenal catalyst for the growth and the positivity that you may or may not realize you need in your life. 

Decisions determine destiny. 
Decide to start with prayer. Choose to cultivate and nourish your faith and your beliefs to establish the firm foundation your personal testimony needs. 
If you allow your testimony to grow, you will grow with it.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Get Out of Your Own Mind

Accountability begins and builds with you. 
Ultimately, you are responsible for your decisions. 
I believe that physical fitness and mindset are inextricably linked; therefore, self-sabotage can become your most significant adversary. 

As you continue to explore and experiment with different health and wellness options, recognizing who you are and choosing to represent your authenticity will become the fuel to your success. The first step towards revolutionizing your body, mind and spirit begins with a firm foundation in what you feel, think and believe at the present.

Notice that I wrote that accountability begins and builds with you; 

accountability does not end.
Because your goals and focus will constantly be changing, you must recognize that how you hold yourself accountable can change too. Time is finite but you are not. You are someone of great worth who is constantly evolving.
Remember, we are here to be living life and loving it, not to just exist!

Where to begin? 

To get into your head you actually need to get out of your own mind. Doesn't make sense at first but another way to put it is: you need to get over yourself to get under the surface. I recently heard an idea that I think puts this into perspective. As human beings, we often like to make drastic changes in fitness and nutrition to achieve quick, (and what we are hoping will be), sustainable results. This equation more often than not yields unfavorable results. If you push too much, too soon and in a way that is inappropriate for you, your will power will plummet and you'll find yourself stuck in the same tired old drama of being comfortably uncomfortable. 

Before moving further, take time to let this information marinate in your head. Start with a true evaluation of YOU. Ponder where you think you're at and what the next step might be. 

Then, wait. 

Sit in your head for a little while. Only then will you be ready to begin.

Coming up: Decisions Determine Destiny

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Beginning Your Health & Wellness Journey

Are you existing or are you living?
Life is meant to be enjoyed! This is your journey, your body, your time. As you navigate through the twists and turns of this grand adventure called "your life," remember to be true to yourself and to always strive for greatness! Knowledge and experience can lead to confidence and empowerment. After all, you wouldn't want to arrive at success ill-prepared, would you? Now is the time to get serious about your health. Let's get fit!

Live your life as if you have already reached your goal. Don't wait until Monday, or until the first day of the month or even the beginning of the new year. Start now. If you train yourself to breathe-in success from the very beginning, (perhaps before you have even officially started your master game plan), the accomplishments you make will be easier to accept once you have attained them. BREATHE IT.
Fall in love with yourself everyday! Discover something new about you. Admire this newfound talent or characteristic that defines your individuality. Do not accept defeat; learn from life's lessons and add the knowledge and experience you have acquired to your health and wellness arsenal. Gain motivation and be vigilant in your search of truth. BELIEVE IT.
Dream big, live bigger. At first, your body will need to be conditioned to reach such high levels of skill mastery. Your mindset, however, must hit the ground running! When you have confidence that you will succeed and you run the race as if you have already won, you will accomplish your goals. The optimal health & wellness you gain will be a powerful example to others. ACHIEVE IT. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016


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